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Hypnosis Training Review

5-Star Google Review

I have taken two training week-long learning experiences with Mark Johnson. I have also taken training experiences with three other internationally well-known names in the field of Hypnotherapy, specifically with past-life regressions. I considered all of these trainings to be very good and definitely worthwhile experiences. So it means a LOT when I say that the best training I received was hands down, no comparison, the training I received with Mark Johnson. I learned more nuts and bolts techniques, more alternative options and received an INCREDIBLE amount of rich resources to learn from the best of the best in hypnosis. I cannot recommend his course highly enough. His requirements to certify were the most stringent and thus his certification means the most to me. If you are serious about wanting to learn hypnosis, THIS is the right place to start your journey. You come out of his course with the most hours of actual experience practicing hypnosis, including personal feedback. This is the real deal, guys.

Velinda - Phoenix

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Hypnosis Training Review

5-Star Google Review

I took the Hypnotherapy training course and a Past Life Regression training course with Mark and they were both amazing!! He is a great teacher, the online class format was a ton of fun, and I will miss our class a lot. There is a lot of information that Mark has carefully compiled through his extensive experience and with his deep knowledge of hypnotherapy, and he shares it in a really accessible way. Highly recommend taking both classes. Thanks Mark!

Wendy - Chicago

Hypnosis Training Review

5-Star Google Review

I took Mark's class in June 2022. He is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. His Dropbox lessons are incredible, and I refer back to them often. Hypnosis has changed my life and is a gateway to the spirit realm I never knew was available to access and understand. It was well worth the money.

Nancy - California

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Hypnosis Training Review

5-Star Google Review

The Good Vibes Hypnosis Training was an amazing and unique learning experience. Mark is full of knowledge, wisdom and experience. The training will teach you all the tools you need to be a successful hypnotherapist, providing you with the best training materials and hands-on learning. The most profound part of the training is the healing that you’ll experience throughout the training as you learn how to help others on their healing journey.

Tracy Ann - New York

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Dallas

Hypnotherapy Training Now Available Online!

Good Vibes  Hypnosis Training

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training

Learn Hypnosis and learn how to help people with challenges like Fears, Phobias, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Weight Reduction, Stop Smoking and so much more. Visit our Hypnotherapy Training page to find out about Good Vibes Hypnosis Training. Hypnotherapy Training available in Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta with IACT 2016 Educator of the Year, Mark V Johnson.

Join Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark Johnson for his next Good Vibes Hypnosis Training, so that you can begin helping people Take Back Control of Their Lives! Mark shares what he has learned from 20 years of working with hypnosis clients and 24 years as an instructor, so that he understands the most effective ways to teach and has a thorough knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy.

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training is based in the Dallas, Texas area. In order to help people in the Dallas area, in the state of Texas, across the country and around the world, our Hypnotherapy Training is now available online. When you decide to enroll in our Good Vibes Hypnosis Training, you will learn the same powerful interactive processes that we use with our Good Vibes Hypnosis clients. You also learn the best way to create and deliver effective suggestions, created for each specific client. Hypnosis is a powerful way to help people move forward in their lives,

Discover More About Good Vibes Hypnosis Training so that you can help your clients...

Take Back Control of Their Lives.

Schedule your FREE Consultation to discover more about Good Vibes Hypnosis Training so that you can begin your journey into the world of hypnosis when you enroll in the next Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training.

We started teaching Hypnotherapy in 2011 and then in March 2020 we offered our first Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training. Online students are amazing and they learn very quickly how to hypnotize people in person and online. Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training is just as effective using LIVE ONLINE VIDEO as in person. Mark teaches his students how to use the same techniques and processes he has been using to help clients since 2003 when he first started his hypnosis practice. Schedule your FREE Hypnotherapy Training Consultation so that you can discover more about our Online Hypnosis Training.

Live Online Hypnotherapy Training!

We started teaching our Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnothetapy Training in Dallas in 2011, then began traveling to various locations to offer this training. Traveling provided additional experience in training our students to learn more about how to use hypnosis to help others move forward in their lives. Starting in 2020, we began to offer our training online, though we have fond memories of teaching in the locations listed below.

Our Live Online Hypnotherapy Training is the same training we presented in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix and Chicago. The training has been adapted so that it is just as effective as it was in person. It is important that online training provides an opportunity for the students to get hands on experience hypnotizing others via superivsed practice sessions. This is not available with video training. Our online students begin hypnotizing each other the very first day. This builds confidence in their ability to hypnotize heir clients and help them to move forward in their lives.

Mark is an Award-Winning Hypnotherapy Instructor and a Certified Master Trainer with The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

Experience a brief Stairway Relaxation with this 6 minute hyponosis video. Explore hypnosis from the comfort of your home. When you schedule your own hypnosis session, the experience will be different. This is an introduction to hypnosis.

Second Generation Hypnotherapist with a successful Hypnosis Practice in Dallas, Texas.

Hypnosis Dallas, those are two words I never thought would be a major part of my life. I never thought my career would involve Hypnosis. Dallas, Texas as home? I never considered that either. I have been around hypnosis as long as I can remember. My father was a hypnotist and began learning hypnosis in medical school in the 1950's. He used Hypnosis in his medical practice for years helping people with hypnosis for stress, anxiety and pain control as well as hypnosis for childbirth, which involves using hypnosis instead of medication for pain.

After completing my initial three month Hypnotherapy Training program, I started seeing hypnosis clients in my office in Dallas, Texas, continuing the family tradition of using hypnosis to help people make positive changes in their lives using a combination of traditional and the latest innovative hypnotic techniques.

Hypnosis Session Information

Sessions with a Professional Hypnotherapist can relieve stress, insomnia and physical discomfort, change negative or limiting habits and beliefs, improve self esteem, confidence, motivation, creativity, learning, and memory. And there are many other challenges people face in their lives that can be changed or eliminated with hypnosis, including the 2 more well known reasons people contact a hypnotist, stop smoking hypnosis and hypnosis weight loss.

As an experienced Hypnotist, I could go on and on about all the different issues that are presented to me by my hypnosis clients. Many times clients have contacted me with problems I have never considered for hypnosis, yet I realize that with the combination of my extensive training and experience as a hypnothetrapist I am able to help my clients so that they can resolve their challenges and lead a better and more fullfilling life as a result of their hypnosis sessions.

I bring all my training and experience into the classroom so that I can share these valuable insights with my students. It's not uncommon for me to discover something new and share it with my students a few days later. You never stop learning, and I continue to learn from my clients as well as from my students.

Why do people seek out a hypnotist? What are the different reasons people call for hypnosis? What is the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist? What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Is there any sort of certification or licensing require to practice hypnosis or hypnotherapy? Look around here to uncover the answers to these questions about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and to discover the difference between these terms as well as the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. If you still have questions related to any of these terms and what they mean, feel free to Schedule a FREE Consultation so that I can answer all of your questions.

Mark V Johnson
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Trainer
Dallas, Texas

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