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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Are you ready to Stop Smoking?
Why have you decided to stop smoking?
Is this your first time to stop or have you stopped before?
If you stopped smoking before, how did you accomplish that?
Have you ever been hypnotized?

Why Do YOU want to Stop Smoking?

This is a good place to start when talking to people about Stop Smoking Hypnosis and it;'s usually the first question I ask. The fact is this is really the most important question in terms of your ability to be successful. So why have you decided to stop smoking? What do you know about stop smoking hypnosis?

I know you have some questions for me, and one might be why all the questions about smoking? In order to be successful, it is important to create a customized session for you, one that is designed about you and your smoking habit. For example if you do not smoke in the car why would I provided suggestions that you will not smoke in the car.

When we spend time at the beginning of the session discussing your specific situation, then we are better able to put an end to the habit for good, for the rest of your life.

By creating a unique session about you and your smoking habit, I have found that most of the time we can accomplish the task of putting an end to the smoking habit in one session. That's right, 1 session, without the need for another session, and without the need to listen to a cd for 21 days.

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Stop Smoking

After 43 years of smoking over two packs a day I developed emphysema and finally decided to do something about it. I am probably more shocked than anyone that it worked, even my friends. The last 2 weeks have been extremely stressful for me but I got through it without smoking! Now I know I can make it through anything as a non-smoker!

G.L. - Richardson

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Stop Smoking

I have stopped smoking, and it's great. I can't believe it after 30 years of smoking and trying to quit it has finally happened. I'm very thankful for Good Vibes Hypnosis and hope that everyone who really wants to stop has the opportunity to stop. My life has forever changed!

T.R. - Cedar Hill