Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression can provide many benefits and the reasons people decide to experience a session vary, though there are some common themes.

Some people call and mention dreams, quite often they will mention that they know it was them in the dream, but it seemed like they were a different person. Quite often they will be puzzled because the person they were in the dream might be older or even a different gender.

Some people tell me they are merely curious about who they were in a past life, while others have a curiosity that borders on obsession. Others tell me they are fascinated with a specific period of history or that they just love antiques and historical buildings.

Perhaps you have an unusual bond with someone you know that just can’t be explained by your current relationship or maybe you feel negativity towards another person but you do not know why. You might have a feeling you just can’t trust a person or place or perhaps there’s a fear related a person or place that just has no logical foundation.

Of course there are some who come to see me and they already know about their past lives, perhaps they just know, but they want to find out more and they have a desire to discover information about their spirit guides and angels who they know work with them.

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