Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is really the name for the Past Life Regression Therapy taught and practiced by Dolores Cannon around the world. This strategy includes checking out one or maybe more past lives, and then we have an opportunity to ask questions. The subject is asked to supply a collection of questions that will be answered. The responses are given by what Dolores calls subconscious, as the higher consciousness, oversoul or higher self. Throughout this process, in some cases your own spirit guide or perhaps guardian angel might actually be available to help answer questions, in other cases it could be a group from the spirit world who responds to your questions. We never know for sure unless we inquire, therefore I generally do ask who is replying to the questions for the client.

Each Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session is actually different. As a matter of fact a few individuals do not really actually experience a past life, they go directly to the subconscious, and responses to the inquiries will be totally available. In cases like this the first thing I ask is why didn't my client experience a past life. The response can be that they do not have to go to a past life at this time, or perhaps they happen to be a new soul and this is perhaps their very first incarnation. Obviously there are many more scenarios as well. For those people who do begin by means of going to a past life, one of the first things we ask may be why did you share that life with them today. | Every single person is different, therefore each session is in fact unique too. Although many clients begin their Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy experience by experiencing a Past Life, some will just go directly to subconscious without even experiencing a past lifetime beforehand. This is okay, it could very well be exactly what they really needed more than anything else at the time, and that is what happened. We nearly always receive just what we really need most in terms of our experience during the session. In some cases I have had individuals go to a past lifetime immediately after we got answers to their inquiries, and other times we actually never went to a past life, and that is certainly ok.

While many hypnotists will offer you 1-2 hour Past Life Regression sessions, that is definitely not long enough for this kind of session. It's not unusual to spend 4-5 hours facilitating a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, and they can last even longer. There are actually individuals all around the world who've studied with Dolores, some Hypnotherapists though others have just studied with Dolores. Considering that I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, I have begun to visit a number of locations 2-3 times each and every year. I provide sessions in Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Charleston, S.C. and Arkansas. Along with Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions , I also offer Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives™. For more information on these types of sessions as well as my schedule, make sure you check out http://PastLifeRegressionDallas.com.