Dolores Cannon offers classes what she likes to call Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy worldwide. This is precisely what she has decided to call her work, eventhough it was previously often known as her Past Life Regression Therapy. Whenever people decide to experience one of these sessions they usually have the opportunity to explore at least one past lifetimes as well as be able to ask questions. The truth is, the questions are written so that I'm able to ask all of them during the question and answer part of the session. When we're prepared to get answers to your questions, I am going to ask to communicate with your subconscious. It is important to understand that when I request that, I am positive I'm not really receiving responses from the subconscious. Dolores claims that this is actually what many people call the higher self, the higher consciousness or the oversoul, which is so large and so vast that it knows everything. Many times my clients have the ability to make contact with their guides or angels during this section of the session, we never know who exactly is responding to the questions till we ask.

Each Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session is undoubtedly different. The fact is that a few individuals do not actually experience a past life, instead they go directly to subconscious, and responses to their important questions will be totally available. In this instance the first thing I bring up is why didn't the client visit a past life. The actual response might be they do not have to go to a past lifetime, or they are a new soul and this might be their first incarnation. Of course there are other scenarios also. For those who do start by means of going to a past life, one of the first things we ask is generally why did you show them that lifetime. |Even though many clients do get to go to a past life as a part of their experience, some others go directly to subconscious without checking out a past life 1st. This is one of many things that makes every Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session unique. For people who explore a previous lifetime initially, I'll probably try to find out why subconscious showed them that lifetime. For people who do not visit a past lifetime first, I most certainly will find out why. There are many of reason for this , maybe you may discover in your session.

At the beginning of your session we are going to talk for about an hour before we start the hypnosis, and part of what we'll focus on will be your important questions. I may also add additional inquiries while we talk, and you may perhaps add more questions as well. I am likely to add questions relating to the Past Lifetime and I also make sure to ask for more details as the answers are given.